The only split-screen single player twin stick risk 'em up


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Created in the Little Ghost Town of El Paso, TX by a "Game Design" drop out.


Gameplay / Mechanics / Pro-Tips

Destroy the Left


The HR-D Assault Vessel does not take damage. Your primary concern is to shoot enemies, earn points, and maintain your Link.
There are three enemy types. Trackers, Guards, and Voids.

Trackers (weak against Repeater) will bounce off of the HR-D if they come in contact with him. Destroy them and keep them out of the right. Guards (weak against ScatterShot) stay put for the most part. They don't cause much trouble other than blocking your path and taking your upgrades. If you shoot them with the wrong weapon you will lose points so pay attention. Voids (weak against Missiles) will spawn towards the top of the screen. They are the most valuable enemy.
Moving and Shooting consumes your Link. Maintain it by recovering Material from the Right Side and Sacrficing it when necessary. PowerCells will drop whenever Material is recovered on the Right. Catch them to upgrade and unlock your weapon system. If you fail to maintain your Link you will Blackout the Left and require more Resources to regain consciousness. As Carl says in Terminator: Dark Fate...'Don't do it!'
Activating Shields is your primary mode of activating a multiplier. You need at least 3 Material to activate shields. To keep the multiplier active you must chain 3 Trackers using the Repeater within the time limit, destroying a Void or a Missile Memory modified PowerCell with a Missile. Destroying a Miss Lies modified PowerCell with a Missile will instantly kill the multiplier.

Bonuses are listed, and highlighted when enabled, at the bottom of the screen. They are primarily Recovery, Kite, Rushin' Firewall, and Low Health. You will activate these by the actions that transpire on the Right side.

Recover The Right


If the DF-R Reclaimer is destroyed the game is over. Not only do you lose your capital you also risk the chance of wiping your leaderboard position. When you activate your Shields you will passively take significantly less damage, but if you activate Boost and Shield Bash you will not take damage at all. Timing is everything.
Your Defenses are primarily B.F.P., Boost, Awareness, and Time Directive.

Defenses of the DF-R are repaired/available after recovering Parts. You can deploy a B.F.P. to clear out enemies and pick up Material, but it's primary use is to push back on the Rushin' Firewall. Boost is self explanatory, however with the added benefit of taking less damage should you be so unfortunate to faceplant a Fireball. Awareness allows you to pull back the camera and sense where Material is since detection of it is proximity based. Time Directive allows you to slow down time and react accordingly. Just don't overheat it ;)
There are two resources. Parts and Material.

Material is used to activate the DF-R's Sheilds, which inturn, activates the HR-D's multiplier. Recovering Material will also spawn a PowerCell on the Left. Other than Defenses Parts are also needed to EXTRACT. Extracting is your PRIMARY OBJECTIVE. Once you EXTRACT you mark your position on the leaderboard and you're ready to move on to greener pastures.


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